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Mobile Dog Wash 

Our Mobile Dog Wash services the Macarthur region; a dog wash only service that specialises in dog bathing, de-sheds and coat treatments. Our priority is to keep your dog’s skin and coat clean and in top condition all year round.

See below details of the grooming services we offer;

Bath & Nails (requires approx. 1 hr)

This service includes; A warm three step cleansing and deodorising bath, blow dry, quick brush, ear clean, nail trim and doggy cologne. 

Please note: Our mobile service does not offer scissoring, clipping or dematting. This is a dog wash only service. You can add a de-shed treatment, flea treatment or special medicated shampoos for an additional fee. 

We will require carpart or level access so please consider this on the morning of appointment. We will also require access to your water and electricity. 

It is imporant to note we do not groom aggressive dogs. Should you fail to communicate that your dog is aggressive, and one of our staff is attacked, You will be liable for all medical costs and any loss of income. 

All dogs who are booked in with our mobile service must be fitted with a secure harness at collection time. We will not carry your dog into the mobile trailer or attempt to walk your dog with a loose fitting harness. 

Small Dog (<10kg) - Short Coat from $40

                                                  - Medium/Long Coat from $60

Medium Dog (10-20kg) - Short Coat from $45

                                                          - Medium/Long Coat from $70

Large Dog 20kg-<30kg) - Short Coat from $65

                                                        - Medium/Long Coat from $80

XLarge Dog (30+kg) - Short Coat (30kg+) from $80

                                                     - Medium/Long Coat (30kg+) from $100

Additional Services: 

*Flea Treatment $10

*Medicated/Oatmeal Shampoo $5

*De-Shed Treatment $15 per 15 mins. 

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